Documentation Costs

Easily save $6-$8 per client per month in paper and related costs.

  • TMP customers see a drastic reduction in the amount of printing, managing and correcting paper records. SLDs, incident reporting, administrative documentation, medical charting, EMARs, and many more have not only been moved to our cloud but also automated to save time. Customers can recognize a reduction in paper costs that can cover 80% of the monthly fee for TMP services. It makes this an easy decision for business leaders.
  • Paper management - How much time does it take when SDL and other logs are incorrect - hours, days? Now you can correct documentation in seconds with our SLD management tools. No more rewriting documents, manual corrections, just click a button and it can be corrected.

Nursing Practice Management

  • Delegation - TMP makes compliance easy with automated delegation tools giving saving your valuable RN staff time.
  • Increased Medical Services - Ensure your clients are getting all the right services in a timely and simple manner through our medical application.
  • Reduce Nurse Liability - Give your nurses the peace of mind they need knowing their delegations were correct and documented properly.
  • Increase services - Automated nursing service/billing documentation allows nurses to spend more time delivering care to your clients and less time documenting their work.

Workforce Management

TMP customers can increase case management caseload by 15%-20% using our automated workflows and client documentation tools.

  • Outcome objective manager - auto populates and tracks progress for clients and caregivers.
  • Quarterlies Reviews - Because TMP is a fully integrated system, data populates to the relative forms and workflows needed for previously complex and time consuming reporting requirements.
  • Person Centered Goals - Enable staff to spend time with clients reaching on their life goals and create custom plans for implementing those life goals.
  • Real Time Client information and scheduling tools - Allow your staff to assign weekly, daily and hourly assignments to DSPs with the click of a button.


  • Simplify and automate billing processes allowing you to grow your business without increasing staff.
  • Improve your cash flow by having clean logs through our pre authorized process and decrease your time to bill.
  • Ensure services are approved for each client.
  • With TMP’s Person Centered Training platform you get the power to easily create and assign training specific to your clients and staff based on their specific needs. No other training platform has that integration and automation.
  • Simplify onboarding through automated training assignments.
  • Onboarding - Automatically assign training to new staff to insure compliance and readiness to deliver care.