Do I need any special software?

No, all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

I have some employees who rarely or never use a computer. Will this prevent them from using TMP?

No, the simplicity of our system and ease of use lowers the intimidation factor for new or novice computer users. In fact, our experience in working with providers reveals that new and novice computer users, once they overcome the initial transition, actually prefer TMP over older paper systems.

How long does it take to get our organization up and running on TMP?

Our systems are ready immediately. We use a proven proprietary Implementation Plan that leverages our Industry professional services team who work along side your staff to transform your organization. Time of implementation varies according to size of organization.

What do fees include?

Database set-up and management. Implementation, Customized training. Ongoing support and continued access to updates. Storage of data.

How can we assume our entry-level staff can use a computer?

If staff can use a cell phone they can use this system. Direct Care staff can learn to navigate within an hour of training.

How can we be sure the computers won’t be stolen from our group homes?

This has not been identified as an issue with providers using TMP. There are many items used in the home of equal or greater value such as TV’s that are simply necessary.

What if there is a change I feel needs to be made to a form or report in TMP?

We welcome input from all our served providers, requests will be evaluated and if the requested change/feature is determined to be beneficial to all providers and is not cost prohibitive we will incorporate. Many of our features have come from provider input.

What kind of ongoing support is provided?

Our customer support provides phone, online communication and in App support. All this with a 99% customer satisfaction rating!